Japanese Chrstian Fellowship 日本人クリスチャンフェローシップ

Serving Japanese Christian communities in
Brisbane & Gold Coast, QLD, Australia since 2002:



月一度、第4日曜日に日本語と英語のバイリンガルのミーティングを行っています。 昼食を一緒にとり、ミーティング後にはお茶を飲みながら交流会をもちます、どうぞ、気軽にお越し下さい。(現在、コロナ禍のため、持ち寄りの食事会、お茶会は見合わせています。)(時間と場所はこちら)




JCF is a Japanese Christian Group in Brisbane, having a bilingual (Japanese and English) meeting and fellowship once a month on the 4th sundays, with a lunch and an afternoon tea. We welcome everyone. (Due to COVID pandemic restrictions, we are regretably not having the 'bring-a-plate' luncheon known to JCF' and fellowship tea time post service). (Click here for Time and Place)

Meeting place is at the chapel of Riverlife Baptist Church.

JCF Live worship stream will be from Facebook site (Click here).

2024年のJCFにようこそ。今年のテーマ:教会 第三弾〜私達の関係

Welcome to JCF 2024. This year's theme is: "Church" for the 3rd time, with emphasis on "Our Relationship."


It will be live-streamed on JCF Official Facebook site. Online at 1pm. (AEST/No daylight saving time in Brisabne)


お話:サムエル トンプソン  高田 修 訳




April JCF is at 1pm on the Sunday 28th.

Speaker: Samuel Thompson   Interpretor Osamu Takada
title ‘The Christian’s Relationship to God and others’
Rome 14:17-15:14

Church Å@ã≥âÔ 3

過去のタイトル Past Topics

3月「互いに愛し合いなさい」(Mar) "Love One Another" N Kikuhci

2月「神との関係」(Feb) "Our Relationship with God" N Kikuhci

Past Video Feed of services are available from Facebook.

去年までのトピック (ここをクリック)
Topics Prior to this year. (Click here).

今後のスピーカー Future Speakers:

April: Sam Thompson

May: Eric Whitely

July: Thong Ng

Aug: Scott McKinnon

Nov: Nick Kikuchi

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